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Job fair iKariéra IAESTE UCT Prague
11. 3. 20209:00-16:00
University of chemistry and technology Prague
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About exposition

Job fair iKariéra is a unique opportunity, where you can personally meet with human resourses officers from various companies and meet your potential employer. Thanks to the informal environment you can ask what you want to know about the company, about admissions or about a part-time job. Shortly - whatever comes to your mind. During the fair, you can also visit interesting lectures, consult your CV or have an appointment with careers mistress. Via this event, you will get all the important information about fair, about participating companies what are waiting for you, about lectures and other bonuses.


Participants of exposition


Job fair iKariéra UCT 2019

How will I get there?

The fair is taking place at the National Library of Technology, across the street the building A of UCT Prague and in Respirium.


Opening of Job fair iKariéra IAESTE UCT Prague 2019

IAESTE Czech Republic
Národní technická knihovna - parter NTK

Opening of job fair for students.