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Silicon & Software Systems Česká republika s.r.o.

Elektro, IT
Silicon & Software Systems (S3 Semiconductors), belonging to Adesto Technologies corporation, designs Integrated Circuits for the world’s leading technology companies. Since 1986 we’ve been delivering cutting-edge design solutions on time and with confidence. Our exceptional portfolio of in-house design expertise focuses primarily on Mixed-Signal System on Chip designs and IP blocks. S3 Semiconductors supports a worldwide customer list of OEMs from it’s design centres in Ireland, Czech Republic and Portugal. S3 Group has been established in the Czech Republic since 1998 and currently employs 28 people at our Prague Design Centre.

Veletrh iKariéra ČVUT v Praze

9. 4. 2019 - 10. 4. 2019

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Klicperova 12, 150 00 Praha 5-Anděl, Česko